A Math Lesson

I don’t like math. I don’t like it because it doesn’t come easy to me. I can do basic math, but when you start throwing the alphabet into it, count me out. My kids have always teased me about it! Thank God, Chris is a bean counter and has helped them throughout their school years!

I do know one area of basic math is counting. We learn to count at a very early age when our brains are able to hold the max. At that age when we are learning more than we will our whole lives.

But when do we learn to count the blessings from God? How do we count so high?

In elementary school we learn to measure things. I can remember learning how to use a ruler and finally knowing what all those lines mean. Inches, centimeters, millimeters.

But when do we learn to measure what God has given us? How do we measure so much?

There is a song I really like, of course :)! Listen to the words when you get a chance.

Letting go and trusting when we cannot see. While we are counting every blessing and realizing we are blessed beyond all measure!

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