Lately, I have heard people talking and seen things on social media and television that astound me. It’s made me think that we don’t use as much of our brains as we have potential to do.

The brain is such an amazing organ. It has been said we only use about 40% of its capacity.

As a psychology major in college, I am always interested in what makes us tick. What makes us do the things we do? Why do our minds get sick? Why do we do things like cutting? Why is there addiction? What brings a person to suicide?

Then, I have to ask-where is God in all of this? I don’t believe He ever leaves us. I believe we do things that take us away from Him. The mind gets sick first, then the soul.

I know there is help for us if we only seek it out. That is the first step toward becoming healthy in any way whether mental, physical, or spiritual.

So, if you know someone who needs help, help them. If you don’t know what to do, make a phone call. There are all kinds of professionals to help.

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