This morning I can’t help but be thinking about David. My daily Bible reading continues in 2 Samuel with his life and struggles.

I think of David as the great king, but I forget all the sorrow he had in his life. The sins, the death of his sons and friends, and the betrayals.

It’s no wonder he wrote the Psalms with such heartfelt grief and fear sometimes.

But one thing I know, he never, ever lost his faith in God. He always cried out to God in praise, repentance, and trust.

I need to remember this when I am going through my own sorrows in this life. I need to go to God first and foremost. Not try to fix things on my own using God as a last resort.

I need to have faith in the One that made me. In the One who holds the world. As the song says, if He can hold this world, He can hold tomorrow!

Photo by Kristof Morlion on Unsplash

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