This morning as I was working on the farm, a lot of things came to my mind, as usual. One thing was this is in some ways like Eden or Paradise here on earth. It is a beautiful place. Everything is so green now. I can hear the birds chirping and the turkeys cackling.

But in other ways it is like Eden must have become after The Fall. There are weeds to pull, so much that is feels overwhelming. There are other animals that aren’t beautiful like snakes, stink bugs, mice, armadillos, bees, fire ants, etc.

I can’t blame Adam and Eve, because I too am a sinner. But here on this earth for now, it seems we will have to take the good with the bad. The Bible in Romans 8 says all of creation is groaning for the way it was and is supposed to be just like we humans are. One day there will be a new earth.

Until then groaning is okay, but don’t let it steal our joy of seeing the Father’s creation and our joy of knowing one day Eden will be restored!

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