Who is for you?

Some days it feels like everything and everyone is against us. Just when we have something important to do, we get sick. Just when we think we’re pleasing everyone, someone is angry with us. Life is just like that sometimes.

I was reminded this morning in my devotional reading of Psalm 56 verse 9 that not everyone is against us. It says, Then my enemies will turn back in the day when I call. This I know, that God is for me.

Do we really know this? I mean really, really know it and believe that God is for us? It is hard to remember that God is for us when He’s letting the pains, both physical and emotional, of this earth hit. Some days they hit harder than others. We all have them, and we all ask why.

I think we have them so we’ll know Who is the only One that is for us and never, ever against us. We have bad things that happen, whether it’s sickness or even death, so we’ll remember Whose we are and Who is never leaving us.

So, as you go about your days to come, try to remember Who is always in our corner cheering us on and Who will never ever leave us.

He’s always for us! Check out this song too!

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