For about 8 years I worked in the medical field. I loved it most of the time. I especially liked working for the orthopedic surgeon, dealing with patients, scheduling surgeries, and generally helping wherever I could.

This past week I took my mom to several doctor’s appointment. For one of them, we had to wait 2 hours. Of course, mom being almost 90 was very frustrated as was I, but having worked in a doctor’s office, I understood.

As I watched the staff of this particular office, I couldn’t help but think how medical people and places can do things better. I know when it’s busy, we all tend to get upset. There were many times when I worked for my doctors that we were running hours late and I had to calm patients down. The staff of an office is the front line and need to be trained how to do this.

Also, a HUGE mistake people all over like receptionists, nurses, and even waiters in restaurants make is to call people honey, darling, baby, or the like. I absolutely hate this. It is degrading to an old woman and to me. They don’t know me well enough to call me that!

The last thing I want to mention that I think needs attention in the medical field may be the biggest one. The medical staff, from receptionists, to nurses, to doctors, need to remember that patients are most of the time hurting or maybe even scared. Spend time with them. Smile! Be reassuring. Let them know you care. Hopefully, you really do care.

There was a movie from 1991 called The Doctor. The gist of the movie is that this doctor is a horrible person as well as a doctor with a bad bedside manner. Then he gets sick with cancer and all that changes. I think every medical person needs to watch this movie! I won’t tell you all of it in case you want to watch it too, but it’s a good one!

So, next time you are at the doctor or hospital, take a look around. See what is going on. Watch the staff and watch the other patients. See if you agree with me or not.

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