When I first started this blog, I will admit that it was for myself. I was going through some personal issues at the time and just needed a place to voice thoughts and get some new thoughts!

I want to take the time in a post to thank those of you who comment either on FaceBook, on the blog itself, or to me personally. While I first did this blog for myself, I am so glad there are others getting something out of it too.

Please feel free to share it with anyone anytime you see something that touches you and might touch someone else. Also, don’t forget to subscribe so you will get a notice of any new blogs.

Thanks again so much for blessing me and letting me bless you.


Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash


  1. Love your Blogs. I do not always comment but that does not mean I don’t like reading them. I love your title Waddle ON. I think you should write a children’s book around that title and penguins.

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