I can’t answer that.

Why do we get cancer? Why do babies die? Why do we have to watch loved ones die of dementia? Why is there so much pain in this world? Why God?

Some would say this isn’t Heaven yet. Satan tempted. Adam and Eve sinned, and therefore, we have to deal with the weeds and thorns in this life. But does this really answer the question WHY?

I think we have the why’s in this life to increase our faith in God. Our faith is the only thing we have to hold onto all the time. When you’re watching someone die, when you’re sick, when you’re literally on your knees with pain and suffering, when you’re in any situation you cannot control, it is then that we either choose to believe that God has a plan or we deny Him. We may not come out and say the denial words, but our actions say it. How do we act, what do we say when things are really, really bad?

God does have a plan. We are part of His story. If the Bible were continually being written today, we would be in it. We have to trust in Him. What else is there? We cannot trust in people. Sometimes they hurt us or die on us. We cannot trust in the things of this world. They break or get lost and will eventually burn.

We have to have faith in God. We HAVE to! (Yes, sorry. I yelled it!). Nothing else matters!

I don’t know why, but I know the One who does!

Noccalula Falls, November 2018

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