What makes you happy? Do you consider happiness an emotion or state of mind?

Do you think happiness is a daily decision? Do you think we need to wake up each day and decide to be happy just for that day? This is easier said than done, but I think if we can do this for a while, it will eventually become a habit.

It can be a struggle each day for some of us to be happy. Sometimes it is our hormones out of wack. Sometimes we cannot shake the depression we are in. Sometimes it’s the physical pain we are in. Circumstances can decide whether we are happy or not.

Do we let our unhappiness steal our joy? Do you think there is a difference in being happy and having joy? I think so. I think happiness is an emotion. I think joy comes from deep down inside, or at least it should.

Happiness comes from what is going on in my life right now. What circumstances are making me feel happy or sad? Joy comes from the Lord. “The joy of the Lord will be my strength.” (Nehemiah 8:10)

Have there been unhappy times in your life that at the same time you were full of joy? I know when we have someone we love die, we are unhappy. But if they were a Christ-follower, then we have joy knowing they are with our Father in Heaven.

Make a daily decision to be happy. Show others your joy even through sadness. Tell others why you have joy and in Whom you have it. Be someone others want to be around to catch your joy.

Photo by JW on Unsplash

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