The Best

There was a show that ran from 1954 to 1960 called Father Knows Best. While it was a few years before my time, I remember watching reruns. It told the tale of a middle class family and all their trials which looking back from today, doesn’t seem that horrible.

Growing older isn’t very pleasant sometimes. Yesterday, I got a shot in my thumb for arthritis. I’ve had shots in other joints in the past, but that joint is really small. Not going to lie…it hurt!

Throughout the day, I noticed how hard things were not being able to use that thumb. Simple every day tasks like typing and even buttoning up my pants were so much more difficult.

It made me praise my Father.

Why, you may ask?

Because He knows best. He gave us thumbs! He designed us to be useful and for our bodies to work just right. Yes, they age, and we do things to them that we shouldn’t, but for the most part they work like He made them to work.

My Father knows best.

Imagine what the angels must have thought when they saw the first humans created by God. I’ll bet they wanted to laugh at our design. We do look funny!

But the angels have known all along what we need to remember…that our Father knows best.

Life’s circumstances aren’t easy. People are suffering and dying; families and governments are in turmoil; families and countries are at war.

When times are so bad and you think you’re at the bottom of what you can handle, just remember and keep telling yourself to trust in our Father who knows best!

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