Let It Go

James 5:16 tells us to confess our sins to each other. It is not a suggestion. But how many of us have anyone we can actually tell our deepest darkest sin or addiction? Aren’t we afraid of their reaction?

Why don’t we tell anyone our struggles? Why do we say we’re ‘fine’ when we are broken? Why do we put on our ‘I’m okay’ faces? Because we might be judged or condemned or talked about behind our backs.

It happens. It has happened to me. It is very painful when you confess something to friends, and then you find out they said behind your back something like “Can you believe she did that”?

That’s why we don’t confess to each other. Even though we all do wrong things. No one is perfect.

The movie Frozen was all the rage for little girls ten years ago. How many times did we hear little girls singing the song, “Let it Go”?

There is also a Christian hymn by Jason Gray titled Let it Go. One of the lines in his song says ‘Time for me to let go, time for me to breathe.’ Time to let go and jump into the arms of God that are waiting.

Let go and know God is enough. He is enough to forgive me and those people too who judge or condemn. He always keeps His promises.

The next time someone is confessing something to you, their friend, know you are privileged that they are trusting you to hold that in your heart and pray with and for them.

And….as they are speaking, realize you are just as bad a sinner as they are.

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