The Fault

I always wondered why anyone would want to live in California. After all, the state will fall off into the ocean someday, right? There is a huge fault that runs along California, and there are many all over the Earth.

I remember as a kid our front door shaking as a quake in Memphis occurred back in the ’70s. Maybe it’s something you get used to.

As we walked on the beach this weekend looking for shells, we found some good ones. Isn’t God’s creation amazing?!

I found the ones below with fault lines in them. Something wore the hard shell down and made a line in it trying to get to the animal inside. What is so powerful and persistent that it can do that to a hard shell?

We can feel like this sometimes. Worn down, ready to crack. satan tries his best to break through and get to the inside. The hard exterior shell that is supposed to protect, gets a crack or fault in it. Leakage is not always pretty.

Thankfully, God hold in His hand the shell, the creature inside, and is able to squoosh everything back inside the way it’s supposed to be.

Even me in my shell too!

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