The Scariest Place

When I was a kid, my family would go to Fair Park at the Nashville Fairgrounds and ride all the rides. The scariest and best one was the wooden roller coaster that always came off the track at the big curve. What a thrill it was!

As a preteen, my friend’s brother once snuck us in to a rated R movie that was very scary. It produced nightmares for weeks!

As teenagers at Halloween, we would often go to as many haunted houses as we could.

For some reason when I was young, it was fun to be scared. Maybe because back then it was easy to forget the scary thoughts.

Now that I am older, I know real life is scary enough. So, I don’t being scared on purpose. I don’t even like to watch true crime shows like CSI. It’s not the suspense that bothers me, but it is knowing that murder or whatever the story line is, could have really happened.

But the scariest place I know is sometimes my own mind.

I can look in there and see my sinful thoughts, the negativity, and the thinking “Am I getting dementia or going crazy?”

I don’t let many people in that scary place. I don’t like to go in myself. But to be healthy, sometimes we have to enter and face what’s happening there, even when it is all alone.

When we face it, it can be very healing.

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