Not Everyone

I have to say my childhood was a pretty good one. I learned to be able to play alone most of the time. I learned to love nature by playing at and in the creek that ran in our backyard. Catching crawdads, snakes and other things was a passtime for me.

But not everyone.

Not everyone had a great childhood. Not everyone grew up in a home full of love. Not everyone had siblings to fight with. Not everyone met a person they grew to love and marry.

Not everyone has been able to hold a child of their own in their arms, one that came from their bodies. Not everyone has children that obey God or even their own parents. Not everyone has children that live to adulthood.

Not everyone gets to see their parents grow old. Not everyone gets to see the pain their parents suffer as they age and become feeble. Not everyone has to change their parent’s diaper. Not everyone has to put a suppository in their fathers behind so he can poop.

Not everyone has a church family that loves them unconditionally. Not everyone has shepherds that lead that church with love and humility. Not everyone is able to go to worship every Sunday.

Not everyone.

So, next time you or I start to judge someone we see no matter where we are, church, grocery store, driving in our cars, remember…

not everyone.

Duck Trace Farm, April 2016

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