Not Gone but Forgotten

We are really good at forgetting people and things. Perhaps it’s busyness, age, the beginning of dementia? Who knows.

During the past 2 years when everyone has kept to themselves, there are people who’ve been forgotten.

One thing the elders where I worship and work do well is check on members. They get reports daily. They ask and call.

I’ve seen their hearts. I know they care.

My mom will be 93 in July. It’s hard to see and hear her feebleness. She hasn’t been to worship in over 2 years.

She’s not gone but she has been forgotten. Not many people, especially from where she used to worship and is still a member, have checked on her or stopped to see her. Perhaps only a handful. I realize Covid put a dent in our visiting each other, but the homebound have been forgotten in some cases.

Don’t forget them. It doesn’t take much effort to take them a meal, make a phone call or even send them a card. They are lonely and depressed.

Don’t forget. They aren’t gone yet.

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