TBH. Do you know what those letters stand for? To be honest. Whenever my husband hears or sees those letters, he says, “Why do people use them? Are they lying the rest of the time?”

Are you like me? If I’m honest with myself, I struggle. A lot.

I find I my faith is weakest and I doubt the most when I am not feeling well or am going through something. I catch myself thinking things I know deep down aren’t true. But there they are.

Then I remember my Savior kind of doubted. He prayed for God to take away His coming suffering. He prayed it 3 times!

So, I doubt. I ask for forgiveness. I move on. I doubt again and the process repeats.

I know God knows me. He remembers I am made from the dust of the earth.

He forgives my doubt.

TBH, He is God!

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