When I was a growing up, Easter meant always getting a new dress and shoes; white shoes because it wasn’t until after Easter that you could wear white shoes.

Now that I am much older, Easter means more than a new outfit.

For the last few weeks our minister has been presenting lessons on the last week of Jesus’ life leading up to the Resurrection. There have been some difficult moments.

We don’t think about Jesus’ horrible last week enough. Maybe like all bad things, we don’t like to dwell on them.

Last Sunday, he did some roll-playing during his sermon. He had us in the crowd yell ‘Crucify Him!’

I have to tell you, I couldn’t do it.


Because I crucify Him every day.


Because of my daily sin.

So do you.

We need to dwell on His crucifixion more. We need to remember it. We need to remember why He was crucified. For you and for me.

We celebrate the Resurrection and rightly so.

But there would not have been a Resurrection without the crucifixion.

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