When my kids were younger, they loved the movie Tangled (and they still do). In Disney fashion, it is a remake of the story of Rapunzel, who, as you probably remember, had very long hair which she let down so her prince could climb up to rescue her.

There’s a tree near our farm that is surrounded by tangled vines and reminds me of this movie simply because of the title Tangled.

But isn’t this just how our lives become sometimes? Don’t we get so tangled. We seem like a big strong tree, when after a few horrible choices, the consequences have us so tangled. There are so many vines that it’s hard to even see the tree anymore.

Just like it is with us often. So tangled in sin, that we cannot even see Jesus in us anymore, and certainly, people cannot see Him in us.

Like a tree needs a gardener to come cut away the choking vines, so we need a Savior to cut away the sin that entangles us.

Look for Him today with his shears ready to prune!

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