No one likes to be used. We’ve all been there though. Used by an old boyfriend or girlfriend, a job, our spouse, and others we trusted.

It’s amazing. When I read the Bible and see the lives of the women there, I try to put myself in their shoes (or sandals!). They were considered property. They had to obey males no matter what.

In Matthew 1, however, there are 4 women mentioned by name in the lineage of Jesus. Get this…BY NAME! Women!!! Property!!

Tamar, who took matters in her own hands and tricked her father-in-law Judah in order to have a child.

Rahab, the prostitute who saved the spies of Israel by letting them out her back window.

Ruth, who left her home to go with her mother-in-law alone and eventually married a wealthy man.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, who perhaps, we know best.

There is another women mentioned but not by name. She is called ‘the wife of Uriah.’

All of these women, good or bad, ruthless or cunning, were used by God to bring about His plan. They became His masterpieces in His story.

Are you being used today as God’s masterpiece in His story? No matter how bad or good you think you are….

It’s okay to be used.

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