On this cool morning as I walked outside to check my plants, I was reminded of hope. I have 3 daisy plants, two of which are so full and about to have many blooms. The other one I was concerned about because I didn’t cut it back soon enough. There are only a few leaves on it, but when I saw it this morning…There was one flower! Only one. It reminded me of hope.

Duck Trace Farm, May 2021

This week was a hard one. My future son-in-law’s father died on Tuesday very suddenly. He was only 59 years old. Many friends and family were there to sympathize but only a few could empathize like those of us who have lived through the death of a father and the pain it brings.

But…there’s hope.

What or Who do you rely on when the pain is so bad you cannot even breathe?

There’s always hope.

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