Just Like Us

Sometimes I think we forget Jesus was a human who felt deep emotions and pain…

just like us.

In Matthew 14, one of Jesus’ disciples, John, is beheaded. When Jesus learns of the news, He goes away to be alone. I can’t help but wonder what He was feeling and doing. Most certainly He was praying and talking with His Father. But I also think He was coming to terms with John’s death.

Because Jesus was human, He had to go through all those emotions…

just like us.

We need to focus on and remember Jesus can empathize with us. He is up in Heaven next to the Father, His Father and our Father, pleading for us. Yes, God knows everything always, but how much more it means when Someone is defending you even if all the information is already known.

Talk to Jesus. He knows. He cares.

Just a little talk with Jesus makes it right!

Duck Trace Farm, July 2020

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