Rock It!

Do you have moments you regret not speaking up or being able to say the right thing? Then, later thinking back on the situation, you come up with the words you wished you’d said? I do this all the time. Sometimes, it seems my brain isn’t working fast enough.

Then, there are those times when we hesitate to speak up. We don’t want to ‘rock the boat.’

It reminds me of the song from 1974 by Hues Corporation called Rock the Boat. Of course this song is talking about the love boat. Don’t rock the boat and mess things up.

In life we have to take the chance of rocking the boat, of stepping out there and speaking up. We may get ridiculed, hurt, or even worse, but we have to stand up for what’s right.

We are the silent majority and it’s time for us not to be silent!

Rock the boat!

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