Six Feet Under

Often, I have heard my sister say when asked how she is doing, “Well, I’m on the top side of the flower bed!”

I agree with her most days, although there are a lot of days when I know, I KNOW!, I’d be much better off in the flower bed because my soul will be with my Father.

I have a friend in Nashville who was in our small church group that met each Sunday night. When we would try to make out a menu for the meeting, she would always request ‘funeral food.’

Sometimes in worship it’s really difficult to get through the song service because the songs we sing are ‘funeral songs.’

Why are there funerals? History tells us we’ve always buried our dead in one way or another, but why do we have our dead lying there for all to pass by and see, to have them comment “he looks so natural.”

He is dead. He doesn’t look natural!

I think it’s almost comical.

In fact I want people to laugh at my funeral. I want people to come if they want but stay away if they don’t. No guilt involved. Don’t bring any funeral food…casseroles, fried chicken, yummy desserts. Don’t parade by me lying there in my casket that cost way too much, telling anyone standing there how natural I look.

I’ll be dead!

And if songs must be played, play ones we don’t sing in worship. Play Zip-a-dee-doo-dah and A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes! I love those, and they hold special memories from my childhood.

Laugh! I hope people remember me and laugh! If nothing else, have someone read and laugh at this blog post!

Duck Trace Farm, June 2020

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  1. Rosie’s response of being on the topside of the flower bed is said with her enthusiastic smile and usually a good solid hug 🤗

    Good post Laurel 🌸🌸
    I have to agree with your perspective. Mr bluebird is always welcomed to sit on my shoulder!! Have a beautiful day 🙏🏻

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