As I am out and about on our farm, I realize there are so many lessons that parallel with a spiritual life.

On the farm as you can imagine, we have many good and not so good animals. Some that are beautiful and some that could harm you if provoked.

One such animal that most people have anywhere is the carpenter bee that likes to burrow into wood.

Our house has quite a bit of wood on the outside trim. It’s cedar which is what those bees love!

So we put out traps.

Duck Trace Farm, June 2020

They fly into the holes thinking it is a bee home, can’t get out, and die. As you can see, we have caught several, and this is just one of our traps. We have another one in the back.

Life is like this sometimes. We are innocently flying around, fly into the wrong hole, and get trapped by satan’s schemes with no way out.

But we do have a way out! In John 14:6, Jesus said He is the only Way. He can get us out of any trap we’ve gotten ourselves into. It may not be easy, and we may have consequences to suffer, but with His help we can fly back out.

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