Growing up, it seemed she was always busy. Sports, playing outside, riding her bike, and other things took up her time.

She was distracted.

Her parents took her to ‘church’ every time the doors were opened. She believed but didn’t place value on her trust in God. There were other things in her life.

She was distracted.

As a teenager, her family moved to be closer the to Christian school she attended. It was no big deal to her to move to another city. Still, she played outside, played school sports, and enjoyed being with friends.

Still distracted.

She attended college, graduated, and married a man she’d met in high school. Life went on with jobs, eventually children, and getting older.

Still distracted.

As she grew older, it was as if God gave her a wake up call. Perhaps there wasn’t just one major event but several in a row that ‘woke her’ to her Father. She knew He was always there, and looking back, she could see just how much He had followed her through all those years. Eyes wide open now, she regrets not being more focused on Him sooner and giving Him the place in her life He deserves. With only a few more years to live, having lived more than half of her life already, she tries to focus more on Him every single day she has left. She spends time with Him in the mornings as soon as she rises. Throughout her day, she sees Him in the animals, the green grass, the stormy skies, the people surrounding her…everything.

“Only One thing is needed…”

“My grace is sufficient for you.”

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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