Blown Away

Up on our hill, we can see God’s beautiful sky so clearly. It is constantly changing. Storm clouds move in and out as the wind blows across the valley. It can be daunting to see those storms coming as they did a couple of weeks ago!

Just like the sky, our lives are in constant change. Or at least they should be. I know most of us don’t like change, but how can we become better and more like Jesus if we aren’t constantly changing?

Storms of life come and go. Sometimes we see them coming as we can the storms in the sky. Sometimes we don’t see them coming.

As the storms came in a couple of weeks ago, I stood on the front porch watching the masterful sky changing. At times when the wind was so strong, I had to hold on to the posts of our porch.

What do we hold onto in the storms of this life? Maybe the better question is Who are we holding onto?

In order not to get blown away, we have to be holding on to something or Someone. Many times we let go, and we know what happens.

I eventually had to go in the house for my safety as the winds got too strong and things were blowing all over.

Jesus invites us in to be with Him. He is our protection, our Rock, and our stability.

Don’t let yourself get blown away!

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