Wordly or Worldly?

When I was in school, I hardly ever studied. I made B’s and C’s, and my excuse was playing a sport each season. I was never pushed by my parents, rarely by teachers, and never by myself to do any better than I did.

It is only one of my many regrets, and I’m thankful my daughters did not follow in my footsteps on this one!

English was one subject I really liked (except all the reading!). I liked diagramming sentences and learning parts of speech. Do students even diagram anymore?

One thing in English that I had a love/hate relationship with was the Wordly Wise book. If you used it, then you know. If you didn’t, let me tell you it was vocabulary. I am a good speller and have always been, but there were words I’d never heard of or imagined. Each week’s lesson had about four or five sections of exercises to help learn the definitions of these words. At the end of a few sections, there was a gigantic crossword puzzle. Sometimes the teacher would give us a break and not make us do it!

I always thought the title was creative. Wordly Wise. Not Worldly Wise. Because as teens back then, most of us weren’t worldly wise even though we thought we were.

The worldly would come a little later.

It’s funny what you remember from school….and what you choose to forget.

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