We’ve been privileged to see the group Chicago in concert a couple of times. Their ballads and horn section make them one of the best groups of all time, in my opinion. One song, I’ve Been Searching So Long, came to my mind this morning.

Written in 1974, the lyrics hit home with most people. One part says “I’ve been searching so long to find an answer.”

In John 4, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at a well. So many details in this story can be said, but one thing stuck out with me. We are all searching just like this sinful woman who met Jesus.

I believe God gave all humans a want, a need, to know Him, and it is what most people are searching for – a relationship with Him. But we try to fill that need with other things and people just like that Samaritan woman. Drugs, sex, human love, alcohol, (you fill in the blank). None of these can replace Jesus and knowing Him.

As with all people, when you meet Jesus, He changes your life. He ends the searching.

The search is over!

Photo by erika on Unsplash

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