The Hymns

If you asked my three siblings, I think they would agree with me in feeling like we were made to ‘go to church’ every time the doors were opened when we were growing up. Maybe all kids feel this way. When we’re young, we don’t appreciate the sacrifices of our parents or the memories being created.

If you ask us now, I know we’d say we appreciate being made to go then because we get to go to worship now. We’ve never talked about it, but I hope they sit in the pew and remember like I do.

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs how I love the old hymns. Maybe I’m not in the ‘it’ crowd saying that because most people my age and younger like the newer songs. I don’t dislike the newer songs, but the older hymns touch my heart.

Perhaps I love them so because I can picture and sometimes even hear my Daddy singing them in worship and remember.

I love how some artists are remaking they old hymns. I came across this medley yesterday.

Thanks for the memories!

Anthem Lights

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