The Doula

I have heard many stories of death and I’m sure you have also. I was with my daddy when he died almost 9 years ago. It is fascinating and to some people even scary.

No matter how we feel about death, it is coming. The Bible says it is appointed to us to die and be judged. Death is inevitable.

Yesterday, I heard a term I have never, ever heard before. Death doula.

Now, I’ve heard of a birth doula and know what one does. If you don’t know, a birth doula helps a soon to be mom before, during, and after pregnancy.

But a death doula? What is that, you may be asking? A death doula is the same concept only at the end of life. He/she helps a dying person with loving support and even helps the family cope.

I like this concept, but I don’t think I could do it. I believe it takes a very special person to be in that role over and over, constantly surrounded by death. I’m sure a death doula witnesses a multitude of different situations.

Then, I got to thinking that perhaps as a Christ follower, we already have a death doula? Someone who is waiting to take us to the other side.

Jesus Himself.

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