Secrets. We all have them. Good and bad. We tell our kids not to keep bad secrets but to tell an adult. We tell our friends we are trustworthy and will keep their secret. Perhaps we have secret sins.

Way back in 1988, Michael W. Smith released a song called Secret Ambition. If you’ve never heard it, I strongly recommend listening to it with the video.

I was at one of the Winterfest weekends in the early 1990’s when I was introduced to the song. Back then Winterfest for youth groups was much smaller than today and held in the convention center in Pigeon Forge, TN. We went to break out sessions, and I’ll never forget one I attended on Jesus’s crucifixion. The speaker even had a basket of nails, and we were able to take one home as a reminder.

At the worship that Sunday morning, scenes from the Secret Ambition video were shown. I remember crying as I sat and watched with Jesus’s body and blood in my hands.

I wish I could feel that way every single day. Not to cry every day, but to remember that when He walked this earth, Jesus’s secret ambition was to save the world by dying on the cross.

For you and me…

I’m thankful His ambition is no longer secret. This is one secret we shouldn’t keep!

Duck Trace Farm, Feb. 2020

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