Holding Its Breath

As some of you may know, we moved to a new house and city on New Year’s Day. We have several options for our old house where we lived for almost 15 years and raised our girls. Right now that house is sitting empty. We’ve done some work on it to improve the looks and functionality getting ready for people to move into it.

But right now it’s empty. An empty house seems so sad to me, especially one in which I used to live. So many memories, good and bad. It is like the house is holding its breath waiting. Waiting for better times, fuller times when people are in it every day again making new memories.

There’s another house empty waiting for me. Actually, it’s a mansion. It is holding its breath waiting for me to arrive. I may get to move in today, tomorrow, or some other day in the future.

My human mind cannot wrap itself around what the mansion looks like except to know it is perfect for me. I know it’s perfect because it is being built by the perfect Contractor.

My mansion is holding its breath waiting for my arrival. What a glorious move in day that will be!

Photo by Philipp Berndt on Unsplash

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