When I was young my mom would take us to The Commissary in Nashville to shop. I remember loving to go there where they had clothes racks we could hide in and run around.

But I also have vivid memories of getting ‘lost.’

Funny how when you are a kid, you think you’re lost sometimes. I can remember it so well. That feeling of not being able to see my mom anymore. I would come out from one of those clothing racks only to find her gone!

Then came the panic. The tears. That scared feeling inside of what is going to happen now? I’m lost!!

Of course, she wasn’t really gone. She’d just moved on to another rack of clothes where I couldn’t see her. I hadn’t moved, but she had.

Life is like this often. Only we are the ones that move. We move away from God and get lost. We find ourselves playing where we shouldn’t be, and before we know it, we cannot see Him anymore.

When I couldn’t find my mom, The Commissary had a intercom speaker. I can remember going up to the lady there and her calling for my mom to come get me. The whole store knew I was lost!

When we realize we’ve gotten ourselves lost, we need to call out to God to come get us.

And just like my mom did all those years ago every single time, He will too!

Photo by Eileen Pan on Unsplash

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