When I was in high school, I remember reading a play called Everyman. Even though written in the 1400’s, it is still applicable today.

God: Everyman lives only for their own pleasure, and yet
their own life is not assured. They forget completely the
shedding of my son’s red blood. The more patient I am,
the worse they are from year to year. Therefore I will have
a reckoning of Everyman’s person. If I leave the people
alone, they will become worse than beasts. They devour
one another with jealousy, forget to be charitable to their
fellow man, and become preoccupied with material
possessions. Therefore I must do justice on Everyman.
Death, my Mighty Messenger, where are you?

Death: Ah, I see Everyman walking over there; meeting
me is the last thing on his mind, for he is preoccupied with
his own self and possessions. He will dread standing
before the Lord, heaven’s King. Everyman, stand still,
where are you going so cheerfully? Have you forgotten
your Maker?

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