Strapped and Connected

I have a Jeep. It’s an older one but I love it! I have always wanted one ever since I rode in a friend’s in high school.

There are door straps on the Jeep. Two straps, one on each door. Because the doors on a Jeep can be removed, these straps keep the doors from opening too far and thus banging the side of the front fender. These straps also connect to the electrical system of the Jeep allowing the inside light to come on and the radio to go off whenever the door is opened.

On my Jeep the driver side strap broke. It was no longer connected, so I had to be careful not to let go of the door and cause it to bang on the side. Also, because it wasn’t connected to the power source, I could barely see in the dark to find the ignition switch.

Yesterday, we replaced these straps. I am once again connected! As we worked, I couldn’t help compare this to God and me.

If I am not strapped into Him, I will get banged around with no where to turn. If I am not connected to His power source, I will be living in darkness.

I am glad to have my Jeep door back to normal, but even more, I am glad to be connected to the One who holds me!

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