Ducks on the Pond

It’s almost baseball season! I love baseball! I don’t get to watch it enough on TV nor do I get to go to games as much as I’d like, but when I do, it’s wonderful!

Before we had kids, we would try to go each year to see my favorite team in Chicago, the Cubs. There’s just something about being at a baseball game. The excitement of everyone cheering for their team, the mascot, the funny games played between innings, and the hot dogs!

There’s an older song by Geoff Moore and the Distance called Home Run. It’s a great analogy using baseball.

Life is like a baseball game. We are up to bat trying to get at least a single but looking for a home run. Then, we run the bases trying to make it all the way home safely. Our teammates are batting too, and we cheer them on when it’s their turn at the plate. The crowd of witnesses is cheering us on as we face down our opponent.

In this baseball game of life, our opponent is satan and his team. The umpire is fair because He is all-knowing and without blemish.

So, as you are up to bat today, remember, there are ducks on the pond to bring home.

Get a hit!

Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash

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