They’re Coming!

I love sports! When I was younger, I played any sport I could. Each season they changed, so there was a new one year round.

Every one of those sports need different equipment. Tools for use to play the game and sometimes for protection.

The same is true in life.

I thought about this yesterday during our sermon.

Jesus said in John 16 verse 33 that we will face trials. We will have problems. They are coming!

Do we have the equipment we need to survive those bad things that will come? If we have it, are we wearing it? Do we take out our equipment each day and make sure it’s in good condition?

Unless we have the right equipment and use it, how can we survive?

I especially want my kids to know. I pray they will be equipped for the times in life that happen and make them want to question everything or give up. Our kids today need to know how to survive. Who to turn to in order to live through the times coming.

Whether it’s being in the ER with your child, facing the death of a parent, or facing your own illness, we need to have the right equipment. Know Who equips us. Feel His Spirit helping us stand and face down all the trials.

They’re coming!

As the parent, we have to be the strong ones at least in front of our kids.

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