Stepped On

There is such wisdom in older people. I know it’s hard to be around them sometimes, but I think that is because we often don’t know what to say to them. Really, all we have to do is listen. Listen to their wisdom. Ask a couple of questions to get them talking. It seems to me they are thirsty for someone to listen and make them feel valuable.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of driving my 90 year old mother to and from our Thanksgiving family hoopla at my niece’s place in Sparta, TN. During the 2 hour drive, mom and I talked about many things. One thing we discussed was being a parent, specifically a mom.

She shared this bit of wisdom with me. A friend of hers used to say, “When your kids are small, they step on your toes. When they grow up, they step on your heart!”

Truer words have never been said!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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