I Forget

We in the USA don’t know what it’s really like to have a king that rules our nation. We don’t know all the rules that go along with having a king and queen. If we were to ever meet our president, we would just be respectful. But there are certain things you must do if you ever have the opportunity to go before the king or queen.

Sometimes we hear so much about the prince of this world, satan. Notice he is never called the king of this world. he will never be that.

Often, I forget Who is the King of the world. There is a song (of course 😉 ) I like that hits home with me. The lyrics talk about putting God in a box, bringing Him down to what I want Him to be, trying to see Him eye to eye, and forgetting He is the King of the world.

I’m not saying it’s easy, because it isn’t. The hardships of this world and the emotions of it get us down. Through those times, I pray. I try to remember He is the King of my world. He will guide me and help me survive one way or another. If I don’t survive, and none of us will, He will take me home to be with Him.

That alone makes Him the King of my world!

Duck Trace Farm 2019

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