Take the Plunge

Isn’t it funny what we remember as adults from our childhoods? Sometimes there are bits and pieces of memories, and other times there are full blown detailed ones.

This is one of mine.

If you grew up in Nashville and are at least 50 years old, you might remember a swimming hole called Cascade Plunge.


I remember it vividly even though I was not even 7 years old. My brother lifting me up to reach the rings that stretched across the pool. My sister diving off the platform at the deep end. The waterfall. The huge slide. And the kiddie area pictured above.

The story is told that my brother saved my life here. He was walking by and saw a body on the bottom of the pool. He jumped in to save and found me! I am glad he did!

Like all good things that come to an end, the pool closed in 1974.

I’m thankful for memories. Even though some are more pleasant than others. I am thankful we can think on events that made us and of people that loved us.

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