Do you believe in guardian angels? Do you think there a specific one for you sent to protect you from harm as much as possible? One who is fighting for you?

Have you ever had a ‘close call’ that looking back you could see? Maybe you even thought or said your guardian angel was watching over.

I just finished the book of Daniel. Some books in the Old Testament are a little difficult to get through because we don’t understand them, but that is all the more reason we need to study them more.

Daniel is a good book full of stories I remember from my childhood. But I never studied the visions at the end of it. In reading about the visions these last couple of days, I am in awe of the description of the beings that appear to Daniel. They are so awesome that Daniel falls face down to the ground, trembling and pale.

Michael the Archangel is mentioned in Daniel’s visions. The being talking with Daniel says Michael has been fighting with him against an evil ruler. In chapter 12 Michael is called “the great prince who protects your people.”

So, all around us is a spiritual war we cannot see. Perhaps God has opened the eyes of some to see it like in 2 Kings chapter 6. We do have angels fighting for us. They are under God’s command to do His will.

We, as God’s people, do have beings fighting for us! We do have a guardian angel!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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