It is said fear is a learned behavior and can be overcome. I think most of the time we don’t remember how or why we became fearful of something.

It’s the time of year we see more scary things in stores. But one thing I see all year long is a skeleton head.

What is it with skeleton heads? I don’t care how many flowers you put on it or how many nice words you say with it, it is still a skeleton! Why do we think that is a pretty decoration?

Why do we try to take scary things and make them nicer? To try and get over our fear of it?

Like clowns. I do NOT like clowns. When I see a clown, I see It. I don’t care how you dress it, what face you paint in it, or if you put it in a circus. It is still a scary, weird clown!

A teacher I used to work with had clowns up in her room. I had a hard time going in there because of the clowns. Yes, they were all smiling and waving their arms, but I don’t like clowns! She was nice enough to take most of them down. 🙂

What scares you? Snakes, bugs, spiders, crowds, small spaces, heights, people? What do you say to people who don’t understand your fear of something? What do you do when they make fun of you?

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  1. I’m completely with you on the skull craze! When we were young, skulls represented death, danger, poison, and, at times, pirates (criminals). I’m amazed to see them used now in fashion, art and even brand logos. No thanks!

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