The Right Thing

As a kid, I think we all did things or didn’t do things so we wouldn’t get in trouble, so we wouldn’t receive punishment.

I can remember as a kid telling my mom the reason I believed in God was because I was scared to go to Hell. That was my motivation. I didn’t want punishment.

What motivates you? Why do you do the things you do? Why do you not do the things you don’t do?

Have we grown past the ‘have to’ into the ‘want to?’ Have we realized the why behind what we do?

If we are truly growing in Christ, we should be doing the good things because we want to and because of what has been done for us.

If we aren’t, then our motivation is not what it should be.

Today, examine your heart. Think about why you live your life as you do. Praise God if you are at the ‘want to’ stage. Pray to God if you aren’t. He’ll help you get there!

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