Good Enough

Have you ever been to a place where you haven’t feel like you’re good enough to be there? Maybe you were at worship, your job, school, or a friend’s house. You know how much of a sinner you are, and you just don’t feel worthy enough to be there.

I’m reading a book by Max Lucado called Fearless. In one chapter he talks about how we get around our fears especially fear of not being accepted. I guess there’s been a time in all of our lives that we feared not being accepted simply because we didn’t feel worthy.

I’m thankful God doesn’t feel that way about us! We are worthy to Him because He loves us so much! He knows how many hairs are on our heads. He knows us even before we are born.

Nobody knows me like He does. Because of the sinner I am, that can be a frightening thought. But I choose remember that He loves me, sins and all!

God only knows!

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