When you have a loved one who is dying or has died, people say all kinds of things. Some are helpful, and some are hurtful. You have to remind yourself that people mean well and move on from it.

When my daddy was dying, I will never forget one thing a friend told me. I take it to heart and remember it any time I am going through something rough. He said to me, “Laurel, you’re a graceful swan swimming on top of the water. Underneath, you’re kicking like h***.”

Now, I know he used a not nice word, but it is the truth, is it not? Aren’t there times we are just trying to stay afloat?

I was reminded this morning when I read in 2 Corinthians 7. Paul said in verse 5: our bodies had no rest, but we were afflicted at every turn—fighting without and fear within.

The phrase ‘fighting without and fear within’ hit me! The Bible tells us many times not to be afraid, yet Paul, one of the great apostles, was afraid.

So, is it okay to be afraid when we have problems and don’t know what the outcome is going to be? Is it okay to be afraid when we have major change in our lives? Is it okay to be afraid when we’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness?

I think the answer is definitely yes! It’s okay to be afraid, but we have to fight on the outside. And we can only fight with God’s help. We show others Whom we trust, Whom we lean on for strength and Whom we go to when we are scared!

If you’ve lived long enough, you know nothing else in the whole world really matters except our relationship with God. Nothing! If that isn’t right, then nothing is going to be okay.

Not now and certainly not at the end! So keep on kicking!


  1. Fear can be the bedrock of motivation! Can either be positive or
    negative. It can deepen our spiritual walk by trusting in Jesus and staying in
    the light! It can also be a tool of Satan. Draw dear to God when we fear and he will
    draw near to us!!!!!! Just sayin!! peach

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