If you stop and think about it, we have to do a lot of trusting. When we eat out at a restaurant, we trust the food is prepared properly. When we buy food at the grocery store, we trust it is not contaminated. When we get in our automobiles, we trust they will start and get us where we want to go. When we are driving, we trust the other people driving around us know what they are doing. We trust our spouses to love us unconditionally. We trust our friends to keep our confidences. We trust our families to always be there for us.

But how much do we really and truly trust God?

When we have a huge problem, do we trust God is always there? Do we take it for granted that He will just step in and take over? Without us asking? Do we leave God as a last resort?

Our minister started a sermon series on Nehemiah. The first thing Nehemiah did when he was faced with getting the people together and rebuilding the city wall was pray.

I want to be that kind of person. I want to stop everything and pray. I want to be a friend who prays with others…first. I don’t want to try to do everything I can first. I want to pray first. To thank God. To praise Him. To ask Him for help. Will I still worry? Yes! Will I still try to do things on my own. Probably!

I think remembering to pray first is a habit to be developed. Even if we just whisper Jesus’s name. Even if just in our hearts we take a breath and think “God please.” The important thing is to remember God is there. He WANTS to hear from us! He KNOWS us! He IS our Creator!

Who better to trust?!

Photo by Liane Metzler on Unsplash

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