It’s Open!

I am blessed to be on a trip right now with three friends. We are in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. I have been to these mountains before but not to this specific lodging. It is a beautiful place! The temperatures are lower than home by 15-20 degrees and the majesty of God is everywhere you look!

My friend’s place where we are staying is decorated so lovely with bear and fish things, and she has many items around the cabin she has collected or has been given.

One thing in particular she was showing me is from a man whom she knows. It is a picture of a cross, but it’s not your typical cross. It is called The Open Cross. On the back of the picture are these words:

The Open Cross

Early one morning while setting up a cross with earth, I heard a voice say: “Gene just leave it open for through Jesus the way Home has been forever opened.” And thus the origin of the open cross.

Gene Albritton at

This picture is of The Open Cross. Thanks be to God the He opened our way to Himself through our Savior, Jesus!

Next time you see a cross, remember The Open Cross!


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