Do you like change or do you dread it? Maybe you love it and can’t wait for the next big change in your life that God brings you. Or maybe you’re one of those people who cannot stand for anything to change. It makes your heart race, your stomach hurt, and your life feels unsettled.

But change is really a good thing most of the time.

As I was out this past weekend doing chores on the farm, I couldn’t help notice this beautiful butterfly. I stood as still as I could while it flew around me hoping it would land on my arm so I could study it closer. But it just flew so crazily! I wondered how it did not get dizzy when I got dizzy just watching it!

I was reminded as I watched the butterflies of how they change so much from their beginning to their end. Aren’t we supposed to do that too? To metamorphose into what God wants us to be. Will we ever arrive? Of course not. But we have to keep striving for what is better than before. We have to keep trying to make ourselves more like Christ every day.

For me that takes change. A lot of change. Constant change. Change in my actions, my thoughts, and my words. I am far from perfect. I know I’ll never reach it, but thanks be to Jesus because He was perfect and God sees me through Him!

Isn’t God wonderful?!

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