Far, Far Away

On our farm when you look out over the land, things seem so close but are farther away than you think, especially when you start walking toward them.

I think that is how God is to many of us. We start walking to Him, and we either don’t make it or give up on the way because it’s farther than we think.

I am reminded of the song by Lauren Daigle. Some of the lyrics are:

Where are You now
When darkness seems to win?
Where are You now
When the world is crumbling?

Where are You now (where are You?)
When all I feel is doubt?
Oh, where are You now
When I can’t figure it out?

The song tells us to look up, child. I know that is not all there is to finding God, looking up. But the point is to keep our eyes on Jesus as our focal point. We will stray as things in this life tempt us, but we always have to know where it is we are headed.

It may seem far away at times, but keep on moving. Keep on putting one foot in front of the other. We will reach our goal! Stay positive!

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