To Tell the Truth

How do you know who’s telling the truth? How do you discern the right from the wrong?

Recently I was caught, with others, in a situation where we were being told two different things. Things from two supposedly trusted sources. One a professional who is a Christian and the other a reliable company. Thankfully, nothing was life-threatening, but it made for a difficult day full of strife and tears.

However, God blessed us through the situation, bringing us the help and healing we needed.

But how do you decide whom to trust? What if a life had depended on it? What if?

In life we make decisions daily that will affect our futures and the future of those we love. We just have to pray about them, and trust that God will lead us where we need to be to do His will.

We’re all just muddling through trying to survive day by day, trying to do the best we can, making the best decisions we can, choosing the best path we can! We have to have faith that God is leading us down the right path!

Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

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